Steam Will Be on the Chromebook, Right?

Steam is a digital gaming platform that is quite popular among gamers, in addition to Epic and Microsoft. Steam is a service...

Finally, Now Microsoft Edge Chromium Is Present in the Arm Device

This week is indeed some important agenda that will be carried out by Microsoft, announced it is the release of their new...
google maps

Technology: Google Maps!

As a navigation application, the great technology called Google Maps has many features to guide your trip. Unfortunately, there are still many users who...
Technology Sign your Device is Getting Bugged

Technology: Sign your Device is Getting Bugged!

The use of electronic devices is very vulnerable to the name of wiretapping. Especially on cellphones, wiretapping makes users worried. Tapping should...

Technologies that Impact to Our Business in 2020

In 2020, what are technologies that will impact all aspects of our business? Does your business have connected with a technology foundation...
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7 Technology Trends to Look Forward in 2020

As the third decade of this century begins, we will see more technological developments. Here are some of the technology trends that...