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7 Technology Trends to Look Forward in 2020

7 Technology Trends to Look Forward in 2020

As the third decade of this century begins, we will see more technological developments. Here are some of the technology trends that you can look forward to this year and decade.


Automation refers to the use of automatic systems and equipment, which means technological developments such as big data, algorithms, and automated cloud architecture. Automation is the driving force of developers nowadays.

Already our lives are made so much more convenient with automated technologies and will continue to be increasingly so. Companies are also benefiting from automation, as automated processes in banking, manufacturing, and other production processes help cut costs and maximize profits.

5G and WiFi 6

The hype over 5G, which already started last year, will only become crazier this year. This technology will be increasingly implemented as more 5G phones will be launched and more operators will switch to 5G.

5G allows for higher broadband speeds and a more reliable internet connection, which means not only your phone but everything will become faster. In turn, it will lead to greater spread of technology even into remote areas and more opportunities for automation.

There is also WiFi 6, which like 5G is also revolutionizing wireless connection. WiFi 6 will have much higher download speeds than WiFi 5, which we currently use. Not only that, but it also enables a greater data range.

With 5G and WiFi 6, wireless technology is in for very exciting developments this year.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The development of AI is a part of the many advancements in automation, and this year’s trends in AI are bringing the technology to a whole new level.

Through AI, computers are able to learn to do human tasks the way we learn them. AI is already able to do facial recognition as well as speak and understand us, but in this coming decade, we can expect computers to take up complex human tasks as well as we do. Admittedly, it is slightly terrifying, but let’s focus on the possibilities it can bring.

Automatic Machine Learning (AutoML)

AutoML refers to the automation of the process of applying machine learning (ML) to actual situations. A part of the hyper-automation trend, the traditional ML will be an automatic process. One simply has to input meta-knowledge and the algorithm will apply the model. It means AI will also develop.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

With technological developments such as 5G and AI, IoT is going to be integrated into more fields, such as industry, smart city, medicine, and many more.

Smart Transportation

Autonomous vehicles continue to develop, and it is predicted that from 2020 onwards they will be used not only for personal transportation but also public transportation, logistics, and many more. With more advanced AI and more reliable wireless connection via 5G, there will be even more developments in self-driving cars.

Human Augmentation

Researchers are using technology to increase the physical and cognitive capacities of human beings. For example, innovations will enable human augmentations to improve worker safety and productivity.


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