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Cloud Computing Technology: The Next Generation

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has been the latest technology that brings much practical value. Cloud has widely used by companies and changes significantly the landscape of IT starting from how the data center builds, how software deployed, how to upgrades and managed, and many more. Cloud Computing has played an important role in the business environment and also becomes fundamental to a way how a company operates. Thousands of companies in wide range sizes utilize cloud-based software, cloud platform, and even the infrastructure to gain more visibility, streamline manufacture process, and reduce business operational cost and lower complicity in the IT landscape.

The Benefit of Cloud Computing

There are some cloud computing benefits that the company needs to know.

  • It gives efficiency and reduces the cost when using cloud-based infrastructure business owners will no need to spend huge money on the purchase and maintain their business equipment. They also do not need to invest in large hardware, buildings, utilities and large data center for growing their business.
  • Data security. Cloud-based computing offers maximum security features that guarantee the data will be managed and securely handled.
  • Scalability. Cloud-based computing is perfect for the business that growing or fluctuating bandwidth demands. If the company’s business demand increases the owner able to increase its cloud capacity easily without investment in physical infrastructure.
  • Mobility. It offers mobile access from smartphone and tablet devices. Data resources in cloud computing are easier to store, recovered, retrieved and process and 24/7 accessible with easy clicks.

Next Cloud Computing Trends in 2020 to Watch

With the fast change of cloud technology accelerate, what cloud computing brings in the future? Here are cloud computing trends that you may consider to use for your business.

  • Rapid use of cloud computing to adopt by companies. Recently, it’s about a quarter of companies that have used cloud-based applications. If it measured, expand is increasing significantly since 2008.
  • Mobile cloud computing is the future. The popularity to use of mobile devices has major impacts on the business. Instead of the seat in front of the desk in an office, nowadays workers can use their mobile devices and doing their jobs as well just from anywhere. The mobile cloud computing provides flexibility that demanded by any active business person as these people are always on the go so “anywhere” access from cloud-based storage application is perfect technology.
  • It is becoming more global. In many ways, the cloud becomes more globally as companies from all over the world using cloud-based technologies every day for their business operation. As cloud computing has evolved, this technology allows a greater degree of communication and collaboration in all sizes of business.
  • Social tools increase cloud collaboration. Application-based on cloud not only just more flexible rather than traditional on-site software but this technology also becomes more social too. Recently, people are expected to have social tools that will improve more collaboration. It is said that cloud computing software will go social and becomes an integral part of the way of company business for managing their data source. Since cloud computing is web-based and automated upgrades, and then the capability is expected to evolve rapidly.


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