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Digital Technology in the Classroom

Digital Technology

The recent students are natives to digital technology. Since they are grown up with technology, it becomes an inevitable part of their lives. Technology becomes an important basic skill that every student need in school and the workplace. However, the computer technology usage in the classroom not about how the user of the digital device but it also relates to anything that will facilitate interaction in the classroom, between teacher and their students.

The Pros of using digital technology

The benefit of using technology for classroom activity will improve the educational process itself.

  • The technology usage allows teachers and students to experiment more in pedagogy and teacher can get feedback instantly. The use of technology enables active learning. The teacher can increase classroom engagement through quiz or polling during the class. The subject matter becomes dynamic and linked with a digital textbook that will relevant to the material.
  • It guarantees full classroom participation. With online pooling or digital class tools, it will help to engage entire students to participate with the material, including students that introverts and normally shy to raise their hands. The online engagement also helps to check routinely the student’s feedback on the assignment and course material. The student response will help to measure the understanding of material and review.
  • There are endless resources that will improve the educational class and make the learning session becomes effective and fun. There are learning apps, digital textbooks and many more to help teacher design their method to make an effective classroom.
  • The use of technology can automate tedious tasks from the teacher. Automation can save time from time-consuming tasks such as student attendance and measurement.

The cons of technology in the classroom

What are the cons of using technology in the classroom?

  • The technology can create a distraction to student and teacher. Its research found that tech-savvy students become hard to concentrate when there is a wide range of digital devices around them in the class.
  • The use of technology predicted on creating social interaction disconnect from students. With the online interaction of classroom tools, the student learns a new way to interact with other students and their teacher.
  • The technology use can foster cheating by students easier on class meeting quiz and assignment. Start from copying and pasting other else work or hiring an online essay.
  • Not all students have equal access to technology. While we talk about how technology advantages for students, the technology itself should be accessible for all students. But sometimes there are some students that unable to pay iPad or digital textbooks that need for class.

Final verdict of the use of technology in the classroom

  • The beneficiaries of technology use in the classroom are outweighing. However, the key to using technology in the classroom depends on the student-teacher relationship. The use of technology should be an effective tool and enhance education. The success of using technology in the classroom ultimately depends on the method of how technology applied and makes students keep engaged with the method. The use of technology can be time-consuming and frustrating but, in the end, the technology can bring to new experiences and new methods of learning and collaboration.


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