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Finally, Now Microsoft Edge Chromium Is Present in the Arm Device


This week is indeed some important agenda that will be carried out by Microsoft, announced it is the release of their new browser, namely Chromium-based Edge, the final stable version for all devices. However, among devices that can enjoy this final stable version, Windows 10 ARM devices that are rejected can enjoy this version of the Edge Chromium.

When Microsoft Edge has officially released the final version some time ago, only now is Microsoft Edge Chromium beta version officially released and can be original on Windows 10 ARM. Thus, Microsoft still needs to do further testing on the Edge version of this Chromium can be launched to get a stable version that can be run on Windows 10 ARM.

This is a step by Microsoft to stop developing their browsers that previously used the EdgeHTML engine. This step taken by Microsoft is done for the pros and cons of web developers. Some argue that this will enlighten Edge’s future, while others disagree with it because this move will kill browser competition in the market.

With the steps taken by Microsoft, the browsers available in Firefox are engines with Gecko, Safari with Webkits, and Chrome with Chromium. Of the three popular browsers, Chrome has a very large market, which is then followed by Safari, then Firefox.

Browsers can be chosen as desired, but most of them use Chromium as the basis for their browser. Where Chromium is an open-source browser made by Google and is the basis of Chrome as well. So a browser that uses Chromium, certainly will not be much different from the Chrome version of Google. Call it like Opera, Brave, and the new Microsoft Edge.

By using Chromium, the new Microsoft Edge can also use extensions that come from the Chrome Web Store. Even though Microsoft has provided its Web Store extension, of course, the number of extensions is still very limited and far less than the Chrome Web Store. That way, you will be able to easily use the extensions that you used before in Chrome compile using the new Microsoft Edge.

Because made by Microsoft, of course, Edge brings its features and is not associated with other Google products and features. For example, your compilation will search, then Bing will be the standard search engine here, asking Google. Then later if you want to translate languages on the page, then you will use Bing translate service and not use Google Translate.

With the Beta version, of course, you can enjoy it with very few bugs in it. You can also provide reports, responses, or even suggestions in the required feedback options section. That way, you will also help make this Edge Chromium version better later.

According to logs on the official Microsoft website, the problem for Microsoft Edge in ARM itself is the playback of premium media videos on certain sites, causing undesirable things. It is said that after this problem is resolved, the version for the ARM device may be getting the latest version. It could be the final stable version that is the same as Edge on other devices.


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