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How 5G Will Impact Our Life


The network becomes an inevitable part and the development of 5G will change our live revolutionary. After 4G boost internet capabilities from 3G, the advanced use of 5G will sharpen the communications in many more aspects. 5G will bring more in speeds, data capacity effectively and higher, and also low latency. The 5G will becomes the key element for releasing services and products which is bringing huge impacts for consumers and businesses.

First, 5G will deliver a new business model

The development of 5G offers advanced capabilities that will drive into a new model in business. it is the same way as to how 4G network help to emerging of new services such as Online transportation and courier for example Uber, then the same way as 5G there is a prediction on new business and service and products that will emerge using this technology.

Second, 5G as future smart cities foundation

Smart cities have been echoed for years and the development of 5G will make it come true in recent years. 5G will offer backbone for a wide range of connected products and services such as autonomous drive cars. The connected infrastructure also becomes an essential element for coping with big generated data and processed autonomous vehicles. The 5G also predicted will enable the transformation of smart transportation that will change on how daily commute transport. Furthermore, the smart building will deliver a more comfortable space for the worker’s environment that boosts work productivity and reduce the cost for the employer.

Third, it will change the performance of live events

For all fans of live events, the 5G network will enhance your experience to enjoy live events whether festival music into sports matches. 5G networking offers low latency that will enable the user for using immerse technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and also 360-degree video engagement.

Fourth, enhance the shopping experience

With emerge of 5G; the way of us to shop will change beyond with the combination from edge computing and 5G. The processing data becomes closer to the location where data produced and it means much more performance and reliable connection. The low latency feature of 5G enables retailers for using AR for integrated the physical and digital connection. This connectivity enables shoppers to try a product in virtual ways without walking to the physical store.

Finally, 5G as an usher in 4.0 Industrial Revolution

The next generation will experience the 4.0 Industry revolutions and 5G will lead manufacturers to increase the connectivity infrastructure. The 5G technology will enable businesses for emerging technologies such as using Artificial Intelligence to boost their industry efficiency and also enable the manufacturer to gain more insight from their source data. As 5G networking enables business for the automation process, it also enables predictive maintenance along with remote operation to business equipment. The best of it, all of this connected and improve the customer experience.

Some business has already started this network, such as Nokia that has trialed this technology to one of their factories which delivers network edge and core cloud. The impact of 5G will across the many fields of industries include manufacturing, retail, and entertainment.


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