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Steam Will Be on the Chromebook, Right?


Steam is a digital gaming platform that is quite popular among gamers, in addition to Epic and Microsoft. Steam is a service created by Valve, a game developer and publisher from Washington, USA. Here you will be able to play various games both free and paid games. You can also buy the game you want through this platform.

Known as a digital gaming platform, of course, Steam is available for Windows. Because Windows itself is very well known as the best operating system for gaming activities on a PC than any other operating system. However, now Steam is also available for operating systems such as macOS to Linux. Now, it appears that Steam will also be present in the Chrome operating system on a Chromebook. Is this true?

This news was justified by Kan Liu, as Google’s Director of Product Management for Chrome OS. He stated that Google is currently planning to bring Steam into the Chrome operating system. But he continued, this is only the initial stage. Not certain whether it is true Steam will be present on the Chromebook or not.

But as you well know, Chromebooks have hardware specifications that are not so superior compared to other devices. Even for running 3D views, performance is very limited. Responding to that, Liu said that to overcome this problem, later Chromebook will be designed even more powerful, one example is AMD Chromebook which will be coming soon. He also did not dismiss if this Chromebook will be equipped with a Radeon graphics card. I like this, of course, the experience and performance on a Chromebook will be better than the previous Chromebook.

Until now, Steam could have been installed on the Chrome operating system by using Crostini Linux compatibility. But unfortunately, Steam in this model does not have official support, so it is feared that there will be problems with security issues, as well as poor performance compared to Steam installed on Linux natively.

With the presence of a Chromebook that always has a local storage space that is getting bigger along from generation to generation, it’s not impossible Chromebooks can compete with other devices and become more powerful, of course. Liu added the reason Google cooperated with Valve to run this project was that the game was a very popular category downloaded by users in Playstore on Chromebooks. So, to accommodate the needs of its users, Google also decided to support Steam in the Chrome operating system so that users are more serious and comfortable when they want to play games.

With Google’s steps like this, it might be predicted that in the future Google could also use Nvidia’s GPU or Qualcomm to equip a more powerful Chromebook, especially in supporting its users when playing on a Chromebook. But unfortunately, Liu’s prediction cannot be confirmed yet. It also will not announce anything more shortly for Chromebooks other than this Steam project. So, we just wait for the development of this Chromebook in competing with other devices that are already on the market.


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