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As a navigation application, the great technology called Google Maps has many features to guide your trip. Unfortunately, there are still many users who have not utilized Google Maps to the full. As quoted in Digital Trends, Google Maps has many features that users rarely use. Following this, five hidden features of Google Maps that can be utilized.

Store Home and Office Addresses

Instead of bothering to open the Google Maps application to get to the office, it’s better to use the “your places” feature. This feature is useful for storing home and work addresses. To use it, just open the three-row icon. Then select the feature of your place, then enter the office and home addresses. So the next time you head to the office, just use the feature of your place.

Share Location

If you want to share your location with friends, Google Maps has a useful feature. The trick, select a location and then select the share option. You can then share your location with various social media. This technology form Google Maps makes life easier.

See Street View on Mobile

Street View feature is useful to ensure the location you are going to. Unfortunately, this feature is difficult to use for smartphone use. For those who want to use it on a smartphone, you can still use street view. The trick, select and hold a location. Then scroll down and select a 3D image from that place.

There Must Be No Internet

If you want to use Google Maps without the internet, Google provides features. With the download feature, you can save a map of a place. How? You select a city that you want to save. Then select download to save the map of the city. A map of the city can be accessed even if your device is not connected to the internet.

Bus and Train Schedule

Nowadays, using public transportation is one of lifestyle. Bus and Train usually have their number and schedule. By using Google Maps, we can see and check the time to make sure of the bus or train departure. With this great technology feature, many citizens helped by Google Maps.

Easy Traveling

Helping someone who is traveling to find a fast way to the location that he wants to go. This is another thing that is an advantage of having this service. Lots of people who want to travel who do not understand clearly the direction of the road that will take it to the intended destination. Many of them are lost because they do not know the way. Asking everyone who is met on the street is not an easy solution to do.

Therefore, this service helps people with this type. Before traveling, they are enough to access this site, typing in the name of the place to be addressed. And within seconds, this service will tell you where the location of the destination and its placement from other places in the vicinity. So, this service will show you which way to go to get to your destination. So that certainly will not get lost again. And ask people who are met on the road only when it’s urgent. Surely it will be even more optimized by the latest technology from Google Maps.


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